About Us

"Time is really the only capital that any human being has, and the only thing he can't afford to lose."
-Thomas Edison

Here's how much time we've been spending....

Team Minutes to Date: 610,680
Developers Minutes to Date: 274,080
Expert Minutes to Date:

What we do

We're all about moving traditional consulting into the online world. We want to help all practitioners move to the web with their expertise. As everyone gets more and more comfortable with interacting online, we believe it will be unusual for you "to go meet a professional in person."  We see it coming.  Do you?  The next generation will not know differently, much like they don't know a time without cell phones.  They will not know that we drove for minutes to hours to seek professional advice.  

Connecting online is the way of the future.  At Instagage, the future is now!


Tina Henson
Founder of Instagage & Plastic Jungle
Feel free to email me any questions or feedback: Tina@instagage.com
LinkedIn Instagage Group
Jon Schick
VP of Business Development 
Feel free to email me any questions or feedback: Jon@instagage.com
LinkedIn Instagage Group

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