How it works

  • People are using Instagage to find experts to solve their daily challenges. Anyone can Consult an Expert Live by the minute when they need it and post projects so experts can help them with their problems.

    We are so confident in our experts that we even guarantee your satisfaction with The Instagage Promise. How is that for money well spent? We are determined to help you succeed.

    1. Find an Expert

    2. Consult Business Consultant live via Telephone, chat or video call

      • Get live business help exactly when you need it - Open 24/7.
      • First 3 minutes are free.
      • Leave feedback and add expert to your favorites.
    3. Pay Experts only for time needed

      • Credit card is charged only for time used.
      • Never pay by the hour - No minimum fees.
      • Consult more or less depending on your needs.
    1. Post your project

      • Fill out project request form.
      • Determine your project requirements (review projects for ideas).
      • Create timeline, expectations and budget.
    2. Review bids and hire your Business Consultant

      • Review and compare experts by profile, rate and feedback.
      • Pay a deposit for the project.
    3. Approve and pay business expert


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