Before using Instagage communication follow these steps:

Test/Confirm Webcam & Microphone are working properly

Test Webcam & Microphone

Click on camera image to test camera

  1. Can you see yourself in your camera?
  2. Click on mic image. Is the mic indicator moving when you speak?

Congratulations! If you answered "Yes" to both the above questions you should be ready to start using Instagage Communication

Everything works now. How do I use Instagage comminication?

Help! My sound doesn't work.

Make sure your microphone is enabled: Click on Control Panel, Hardware and Sound, Recording. You should see your microphone icon with a Green check mark on it. If there is no Green check mark, it means it is disabled. To enable the Microphone Right click on Microphone and click on Enable. If you do not see the Microphone in the list, Right click on the White space and select Show disabled devices. Then you would see the Microphone. Right click on it and click on Enable.

Now set the microphone Sensitivity level:
Select Microphone and click on Properties button.
Adjust the slider to the right until to 80-100 % of its range.
If Mute is on, click the mute button to un-mute the device.
If Microphone Boost is available, boost the volume.
Click OK to make the changes.

Help! My webcam doesn't work.

If you are using a Mac and not obtaining video.

There have been recent upgrades to Mac OS X 10.5.8 and 10.6.5. These updates are causing problems with the iSight webcams on Flash sites. This can also happen with external USB webcams on Macs with the built-in iSight camera as they use the same device name. If your iSight camera still works properly with PhotoBooth and iChat, try the following solutions:

  1. If you have installed Google plug-ins, uninstalling them may restore proper iSight function with Flash and Mac OS X 10.6.5. If Google is your problem, the should be in your hard drive's Library/Application Support/Google/ folder. (it is not in your home folder library)
    **The best solution for most**
  2. Installing the new Flash beta fixes sites for many users:
    Clicking this link will download the beta:
  3. Another approach that may restore full use of the iSight webcam is to uninstall Flash 10.1 using the Adobe flash uninstaller, install a lower version of Flash (e.g. 9.0 for OS 10.1 – 10.3), uninstall Flash 9.0 with the Adobe uninstaller, then reinstall Flash 10.1).
  4. If you are using Safari as your browser be sure to update to Safari 5.0.3: It contains “… improvements to usability, compatibility, stability…” that have helped some users.

One more thing: There are also issues that occur on Macs using the Firefox browser with Flash applications. Try switching to Safari or Chrome and see if the problem persists.

To confirm the iSight webcam issue is resolved go to and click Allow for webcam access.
If the iSight webcam is still not working try this troubleshooting guide from Apple

If you are using a PC, make sure all other webcam programs are turned off (VID, Skype, etc.). Go to Control Panel, Hardware, Devices and look for your webcam. Go through the tabs to make sure it is Enabled. If you do not see the webcam in the list, right click on the white space and select Show disabled devices. If you still don't see your webcam then you will need to reload the webcam software drivers, either from disc or the manufacturer's website.

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