Frequently Asked Questions

Consultant/Attorney FAQ's

  1. What is Instagage?

    Instagage Button is a one-to-one secure billable chat and video call tool designed to encourage clients to consult online with real time billing, receive project request alerts and pre-bill clients for flate rate projects instantly.
  2. What does the Instagage Button Do?

    Allows your clients to contact you by secure chat & video call and messaging.
    Enables your visitors to request flat-rate projects from you and manage your flat-rate projects with pre-paid functionality.
    Bills your clients in real-time for communication sessions so you can get paid automatically.
  3. How does the Instagage Button Work?

    Step 1:  Apply the button on your web site displaying your minute rate, enabling secure billable chat, video call and flat-rate project request buttons. 
    Step 2:  Clients instantly engage you online via chat or video call and once the session is complete, their credit card is charged for the consultation. 
    Step 3:  Instagage pays you via PayPal or check. 
  4. How do I make money from the Instagage Button?

    Clients that visit your web site can engage your billable services through the Instagage Button by selecting billable chat, billable video call or they can request you to work on a flat rate project for them through our easy to use project form.  Our flat rate project platform enables both client and attorney to propose and agree upon a flat rate project. Once a project is agreed upon by both parties, then BB bills the client for 50% of the project.  This amount is held in escrow until the project is completed, at which time the remainder is billed. 
  5. How do I get paid by Instagage?

    Instagage uses PayPal’s Mass Pay or a check to easily pay you for proceeds from your consultations and flat rate project fees minus our connection and escrow fee.  There is a $1 fee   for Mass Pay and you will receive payment within 2-3 days vs. a check which is free and could take up to 10 days.  To request payment you simply “Request Withdrawl” from your Expert   Dashboard in the Instagage website.
  6. Does it cost anything to get the Instagage Button?

    1. Pay As You Work- this plan requires no credit card upfront and only costs when you make money. Instagage charges .00 - .39 cents per minute for chat and video call depending on what you charge. If you do not charge for communication with your clients, then Instagage gives you 3 conversations as a free trial, then charges you .19 cents per minute. When you complete a project for a client using our Instagage project management, we charge a 10% escrow and billing fee for that project.
    2. Pay Per Month- this plan is $19.99/mo + 5% escrow and billing. This is a good plan for anyone that does more business and likes to charge for it.
    3. Power Professional- this plan is only $9.99/mo + 5% for 12 months.
  7. Am I tied into a contract when signing up or can I change plans anytime?

    Absolutely not. You can change plans at anytime. You may decide that it is less expensive for you to pay monthly or yearly. No problem. Just go to your account settings and change your plan. You can cancel at any time - when you cancel, we'll bill you for the remainder of the month and never charge you again.

  8. What payment methods do you support?

    We process payments through PayPal as a secure gateway. We currently accept the following credit and debit cards: Visa, Mastercard. We also accept payment through your PayPal account.

  9. How do projects work on Instagage?

    Currently, we offer flat rate project functionality only. Clients can click the “request project” tab on your button to request a quote for a project. You have the ability to propose a project while you are communicating with a client or send the proposal later on. When a client accepts the proposal, Instagage bills the clients credit card for 50% of the project amount. When the project is complete, BB will bill the client for the remaining balance. 

  10. Is communication on Instagage secure?

    Yes. Chat, video calls, messages made on Instagage’s platform occur on an 128-bit SSL encrypted server located at Media Temple, the same level of security trusted by major online banking institutions. This method guarantees that meeting data cannot be interpreted or altered by someone eavesdropping on the Internet.  The chat communication screen can not be copied/pasted like other online communications, as it is simply an image on the page and not text.  No communication on Instagage is stored or remains in any state after the end of the conversation.

  11. Does Instagage share fees which is prohibited for Attorneys?

    No. Instagage was created with and for attorneys and their rules of professional conduct in mind.  We charge a simple per minute connection fee of .39 cents and an escrow fee ranging from 5-10% of the flat rate project billed through Instagage depending on the selected pricing plan.  When a flat rate project is agreed upon by a client, Instagage places 50% of the agreed amount into escrow, minus hard costs or filing fees.  The remainder is billed once the project is completed.  We do the billing for you.

  12. Am I entering into an attorney-client relationship when I communicate with individuals through the Instagage Button?

    You need to consult your jurisdiction’s applicable rules on this issue, including taking precautions to avoid conflicts of interest and to avoid the unauthorized practice of law in a jurisdiction in which you are not licensed.  Communicating with a potential client through the Instagage Button is no different in this regard than doing so over the phone.  At some point in the communication an attorney-client relationship may be created, even inadvertently, whether you are charging for the communication or not.   We defer to your professional judgement on these subjects, and we urge you to consult your jurisdiction’s applicable rules of professional responsibility.  

  13. Do I need to download anything to enable the Instagage Button?

    No, you do not need to download anything to enable the communication. We do however have a download that allows your clients to know when you are online and available to communicate. Our Expert Connector can be easily downloaded here. Our web based chat application runs within Adobe Flash within most browsers. Unfortunately it does not support Internet Explorer 6 or lower.

  14. What are the system requirments for the Instagage Button? 

    We have tested the Instagage Button in a wide variety of browsers and operating systems but experience might vary. For best results please make sure you have a newer Operating System (Mac OS X 10.5+, Windows Vista+, or other) and a modern browser. Google Chrome is preferred.

    Please also make sure that Flash, Javascript, and cookies are enabled in your browser, and that your browser accepts SSL connections.

Client FAQ's

  1. Does it cost to hire a Instagage Consultant?

    Yes. But, because we allow you to hire a consultant by the minute, you will likely save a lot of money. No rounding up to the nearest hour, or even the nearest 15 minutes. The savings doesn't stop there either, because our Business Consultants are working in the virtual world, there are no appointments necessary and no gas to get to your meeting. At Instagage, we provide the platform for our experts to do business in the virtual world. They decide what to charge and how to best to help our mutual business clients. We are here to help if there are any concerns or differences that occur.
  2. What does it mean by "It's Free to Start?"

    We want to make you have a great experience with a Instagage Professional, so most will offer a free interview period ranging from 3-30 minutes. We suggest that you use the time to determine if this consultant is the right one for the job. As long as you end the chat or call before this "Free" period, there is no charge.
  3. How do I pay?

    You can pay one of two ways; with a credit card or PayPal. You will be prompted asked to add a credit card or enter the email associated with your PayPal account when you attempt to contact an Expert. Once you enter this information, the credit card info will be saved for up to 6 months. The PayPal info may be saved longer. Each time you contact an Expert you will be asked how you would like to pay.
  4. How do I know how much time and money I am spending on a Business Consutant?

    Your communication begins when and business consultant accepts your chat or call. The interview period stated on the professionals profile will always be free. Once the timer passes the interview period, the consultation time will be billed at the per minute rate at the top of the chat or video box. That rate will be multiplied by the amount of time you spend on the chat or call. The length of the call or chat is shown at the top of the chat/video call box. Instagage doesn't round up. In, fact we only charge for minutes after the full 60 seconds has transpired. For example if you talk to or chat with an consultant for 10 minutes and 59 seconds after the free interview period, you will only be charged for 10 minutes. We only charge for each complete minute. Once you or the consultant click "Quit Session" the consulting fee will either be charged to your credit card or PayPal account depending on your selection prior to the communication.
  5. How do I find the right Expert?

    To begin a consult with one of our professionals, please enter a "Keyword" in the search box. This will generate a list of professionals with that keyword in their profile. The experts who are available for Live Chat or Call have buttons that says, "Video Call", "Send Email" and "Chat". You may want to view the profiles of the available consultants to compare the experiences, skills and ratings in order to select the best fit for your project or question.
  6. How do I start a consultation?

    Once you have chosen the business professional you would like to meet with, click on the "Chat Live" button to begin a chat. Click on the "Call Now" button to speak with the Consultant. If you are already registered as a member at Instagage, please sign in. If you are not an Instagage member yet, please complete the quick sign up: it's simple and there's no obligation. We'll ask you to accept our terms and conditions and to provide your billing preference. You may pay for services on Instagage with your credit card or your Paypal account. Once your meeting begins, you will see a timer and the rate that the consultant is charging at the top of the chat or video box. You will then be asked to "wait for the Consultant to respond." Once the consultant responds, your session will begin. The first 3 minutes are always free. The meeting will continue until either you or the consultant clicks on the "Quit Meeting" button, which will end your meeting. If the consultant is not available, you will receive an message saying the "Consultant is not available."
  7. How do I close my account?

    (why would you?)You can easily close your Instagage account by clicking on "Close my account" in your profile settings. This will open up your email application and you can shoot us an email explaining what you want. We hope you will take this opportunity to tell us about the events that lead to closing your account and if we might do anything to keep you as a valued customer.
  8. How do I become a Business Consultant on Instagage?

    We here at Instagage are interested in only the highest quality professionals. Our standards are high. We expect our Business Consultants to have equally high standards. We offer a new way to do business. If you have high standards and love helping small businesses then you'll fit right in at Instagage.

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