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What is Instagage?

Instagage is a marketplace of expert Consultants. It allows individuals to directly connect via chat, video call or email projects to expert consultants by the minute that might have be unattainable by the hour.

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Tina Henson

How to Stay Motivated as an Entrepreneur

One of the most challenging parts of being an entrepreneur is staying motivated. Starting a business offers hurdles every step of the way. Although starting your own business probably means you have the entrepreneurial spirit it is not uncommon to question yourself daily...»
Phil Derksen

6 Reasons You Should Build Your Small Business Website in WordPress

Getting a decent website up and running for your business is not nearly as time consuming or expensive as it was 5 to 10 years ago. The tool of choice I recommend to anyone who asks me what they should build their website it is...»
Jim Hale

Who Needs a Strategic Partnership?

For start-ups, finding a pathway to mitigate risk, increase the odds of success and to gain distribution often lead to the same place: the strategic partnership with an established player in the market.»
Tom Jones

Attracting and Retaining High Achievers

The key ingredient to successful business planning is hiring people who can positively enhance the way your products or services reach consumers. Professionals in human resources confirm that employees who understand the value of good customer service are hard to find and even harder to keep...»
Kelsey Warnock

How Instagage is Using SEO to Drive Traffic to its Business Consultants

Like anyone starting a business, Instagage has a limited marketing budget and needs to find the right strategies to use in order to drive traffic to its product offering, Business Consultants. Instagage is investing in organic search engine optimization (SEO) to drive traffic to its Business Consultants.»
Rob Walling

What No One Ever Told You About Starting a Business

Over the years I've worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs spanning every level of experience you can imagine. And though many of our conversations focus on marketing, perhaps the biggest misconception I run into time and time again is the sentiment that starting a business is all about finding a ground-breaking, innovative, and otherwise unique idea...»
Tina Henson

What Makes an Entrepreneur?

This has been a much-discussed topic for years. What is it that makes us entrepreneurs, insanity maybe? When you take a look at entrepreneurs you will see many different personality types.»
Laneesha Senegal

A Vision Without a Well Thought Out Plan is Merely Window Shopping

Have you ever had a vision that was so strong that no matter how many times you try to conjure up another thought that vision just wouldn't go away?»
Jon Schick

5 Valuable Steps For Every Start-up

No matter what industry your start-up is in every start-up needs to take these 5 steps to achieve success. Start-ups encounter many roadblocks while building a business. Follow these simple steps and make sure they aren't one of them.»
Melodie Sheppard

Debunking the Myths of Astrology

This interview answers questions such as: Is the Zodiac real? How does the Zodiac work? How do you help people by being an expert on Zodiac? Do you use Zodiac in your psychic readings?»
Kelly Spurlock

3 Stories About Helping Others

This article discusses how to genuinely help others. Included are three short stories of helping strangers. This applies to helping people online through the psychic medium and in person.»
Jon Schick

5 Traits Every Work From Home Employee Needs

Work from home employees have many traits. This article discusses 5 traits that successful work from home employees have in order to stay focused and achieve their goals and dreams. Working from home is difficult but has many advantages. Follow these steps and tricks today.»

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